Visual PressSupport simplifies communication between user and hotline technicianKoenig & Bauer offers Live Remote Video Support App

  • Use of different channels for communication
  • Easier communication for fast remote maintenance success
  • Example of consistent implementation of the digitalization strategy

Visual PressSupport is an App based live video streaming service that Koenig & Bauer now offers for sheetfed presses and other business units. In addition to audio transmission, it enables live videos to be transmitted directly from a mobile device to the hotline technician during remote maintenance. The success rate of classic remote maintenance methods currently used is 80 percent. It is expected to grow further with Visual PressSupport.

Visual PressSupport is a cutting-edge tool that makes communication much easier for both users and hotline technicians. The hotline technician sees what the press operator or service technician sees on the press. He can be shown processes and procedures live via video and thus gain a quick and comprehensive overview of the situation at the press. This facilitates communication, saves the need for extensive explanations and reduces the risk of misunderstandings compared to a conventional telephone call.

Visual PressSupport allows you to broadcast live video, mark up still images and share media

Communication with added value

But Visual PressSupport can do even more: both the technician on site and the hotline technician can apply markings to the still images generated live. These markers help to carry out function checks or settings on the correct part or to record the current status separately close-up. In this way, it can help to limit malfunctions or be used to transfer operating and setting aids.

In addition, the operator or technician at the press can share images from the album on their mobile device with the hotline. These can show certain press behaviour that only occurs sporadically and therefore cannot be picked up on live.

Data security is guaranteed at the same time as the hotline technician can only see the media that has been shared and no other content.

Ralf Sammeck – CEO of Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed & Group CDO said “Visual PressSupport is another example of the consistent implementation of our digitization strategy. The focus is on the business benefit for our customers. Everything that contributes to higher availability and productivity and improves communication is of decisive added value for our customers.”

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